How to Properly Winterize Your Swimming Pool

Key to Winterization: Cover & Prevent Freeze Damage

At Antee’s Pools, our objective is to provide you free and valuable information to help you take care of your swimming pool. Your pool is meant to be an extension of your home as part of your outdoor living space. Therefore, it only makes sense that it should always remain clean, safe & maintained. Often, however, home owners put little effort into their swimming pools during the off-season. The result: a disgusting green swamp & frustration all Spring trying to clean it up.

You can avoid that entire negative pattern by taking a few simple steps now; all of which enhances your safety & enjoyment of your outdoor living space. For starters, it’s very beneficial to consider covering your swimming pool during the winter. Since you’re not going to be swimming in it anyways, swimming pools can be a point of contingency for parents with young children.

Safety & fear of someone falling in when you’re not watching is a fear that every parent has to live with. We have a solution to take those fears away by the means of our Loop-Loc Safety Covers!

We Sell Loop-Loc Safety Covers

Loop-Loc Safety Covers were originally designed as a way to keep animals from falling in and drowning in swimming pools. Using a system of cabling, springs, a mesh cover (to let rain filter through) & anchors you can create a nearly impenetrable surface.

Once installed, Loop-Loc Safety Covers are safe enough to walk on. Don’t believe us? Just see for yourself. Below we’ve included a video of Bubbles (the Loop-Loc Elephant) who brilliantly showcases the strength of Loop-Loc Safety Covers.


Built Tough to Last Long

As you can see from this entertaining video, Loop-Loc Safety Covers are designed to hold up under serious strain. What does this mean for you as the home owner? It means peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken steps to keep your family safe. Secondly, by installing a Loop-Loc Safety Cover, your pool is now covered and less impacted by falling leaves, debris, & critters.

Therefore, purchasing a Loop-Loc Safety Covers from Antee’s Pools does two primary things. It keeps you and your loved ones safe & keeps pesky leaves, debris & other undesirables out of your pool. Therefore, by covering your swimming pool, you’re fighting half of the maintenance battle – keeping it clean. In essence, by covering your pool, all that is left to winterize is Proper Chemical Maintenance & Freeze Protection. We’ll cover freeze protection is great detail below.

Custom Fit for Your Pool: Our Cutting Edge Measuring Process

Diving in further, we are able to custom fit a Loop-Loc Safety Cover to your swimming pool’s exact specifications. How do we do it? Loop-Loc is the leading manufacturer in Safety Cover manufacturing via some pretty technological methods. They have developed their own measurement technology coined Image-Loc.

We can create a custom cover by taking pictures of your swimming pool & generating a computer readout. This readout is mapped to scale and gives us an exact design to cut the safety cover, hence our 100% custom approach.

In addition, every Safety Cover ships with a 15-year Pro-Rated Warranty from the manufacturer. This is a superior warranty program that provides you confidence that Loop-Loc manufactures a superior product. You’ll rest easy knowing that your investment has provided added value and increased safety for your home. Secondly, our covers can be purchased in multiple colors including: Green, Tan, Black, Blue & Gray. We give you plenty of options so you can create a unique look that enhances the beauty of your outdoor living space!

Important Things to Know about Safety Covers

Once the design process is complete, we submit our purchase order to Loop-Loc for manufacturing. Our covers take approximately 1-2 weeks to be manufactured and then they are shipped to us for installation. Because this cover uses a system of springs & anchors, it’s important to realize that we will be drilling into your pool deck.

We use only brass anchors (about 3/4″ in diameter) and can upgrade to Beauty Rings as well. These anchors are permanently installed in your deck and left (all year) so your cover can be installed & removed as the seasons change.

Be Proactive: Safeguard Your Pool from The Freeze

The second most important step in proper swimming pool Winterization is Freeze Protection. Inherently, all swimming poos are subject to potential issues if untreated before a freeze. Your pool equipment is most susceptible to damage due to the exposed pipes that help filter your pool. These exposed pipes can easily crack, valves break – both causing terrible & costly leaks. What’s the best method to protect yourself against a potential freeze damage situation?

Let’s Us Perform a Pre-Freeze Inspection

Antee’s Pools has been in business since 1995. We’ve seen freezes come and go and fixed many pipes and damaged pool equipment. From our years of experience we know what to look for and how to be prepare our clients for freeze situations. For starters, it’s imperative to have (at a minimum) a functioning Manual Time Clock with Freeze Guard.

These time clocks have copper coils that tighten during cold weather & activate your filter pump. This takes place because as the temperatures drop down you need to keep your pool equipment running. The motor on your pump can then stay warm and water can keep moving through the pipes. Moving water is harder to freeze.

If you have questions about the health and functionality of your pool timer, give us a call. It’s a whole lot easier for us to provide quality service to our clients before a freeze takes place than after!

How Taking These Steps Save You Money

In conclusion, taking these precautionary measures to Winterize your swimming pool provides you with multiple benefits:

  • Safety Covers – enhance your safety & keep your pool free from unwanted debris
  • Freeze Protection – saves you money from costly equipment & plumbing repairs

In short, Antee’s Pools is the industry leader for swimming pool construction, maintenance, repair & service for the greater North Central Texas region. We have a skilled team of professionals who truly cares about our clients and wants everyone to enjoy owning their pool. If you have any questions over the information in this article, please contact us or give us a call. We’d love to see how we can help you get the most out of owning your beautiful outdoor oasis!