E-Z Pool

The Revolutionary Chemical Product

What would you say if we said that we now have a chemical that accomplish all of your chemical treatments in one easy-to-use product? You may have called us crazy before; but we’re glad to change that mindset and introduce something revolutionary to the pool industry! That being said, Antee’s Pools is proud to support APi with the introduction of the E-Z Pool product to our retail & service businesses.

E-Z Pool is a superior chemical product that provides multiple chemical treatments in one scoop. That means easier pool care for our clients and more time enjoying their backyards with less hassle!

Simply apply the proper dosage every week (once a week) and E-Z Pool does the rest. This product helps to remove the confusion out of pool ownership and chemistry by balancing your pool for you. How does it do it? Well, we are glad that you asked!

The E-Z Process

In order to join the E-Z Pool program, you just need to follow three simple steps!

  1. Bring a water sample to Antee’s Pools for testing. We will then “Treat pool water with Revive! (32 oz. up to 24,000 gallons) to remove phosphates, metals, debris and to activate the No Algae Guaranteed.”
  2. Next we will vacuum your pool, clean the filter & balance your water. This process only takes a couple of days and we working to achieve the following chemical levels:
    • Calcium Hardness: 350ppm
    • pH: 7.2 – 7.6
    • Total Alkalinity: 80-120ppm
  3. Set up your weekly E-Z Pool Day! This will be the same day each week that you want to apply your pre-calculated dosage of E-Z Pool! Don’t worry, we will tell you how much you need to add.

A Well Balanced Product

Now that we’ve covered the basics, what exactly is E-Z Pool and how does it work? Well for starters, for E-Z Pool to work correctly, the engineers that designed the product based on problems commonly faced by pool owners.

From algae growth to cloudy water, improper chlorine levels and hard water – the issues were endless. Therefore, the designers of E-Z Pool decided to be proactive and create a pro-active chemical that attacks these issues before they can take root.

As you can see from the puzzle image (above) one scoop of E-Z Pool contains various amounts of the following chemical treatments:

  • Algaecide
  • Stable Oxidizer (for sanitation)
  • pH Balance
  • Water Softner
  • Scale Inhibitor
  • CH Balance
  • Total Alkalinity Balance
  • Clarifier

The dosages for these chemicals are already mixed in the E-Z Pool bucket which means all you need to do is apply it once a week. If you ever have any questions along the way or want to retest your water, we are here to help!

The No Algae Guarantee

For this product to be attractive and create a desire to move our clients away from more traditional treatments, there needs to be some kind of hook. Therefore, E-Z Pool has created a No-Algae Guarantee. Located towards the bottom of their product page, they make the following statement:

*E-Z POOL offers a 
No Algae Guaranteed!


The Program is simple: In the unlikely event a pool using E-Z POOL and Revive! gets algae, we will cover the cost to eliminate it!


*Limited to reimbursement to dealer for cost of chlorine shock only to eliminate algae in a residential swimming pool. Requires verification of the E-Z POOL Startup program and proper application/dosage of E-Z POOL with a documented water test from an authorized dealer (proper water balance, chlorine minimum 1.0 and phosphates under 250 ppm).

By purchasing this chemical product from Antee’s Pools you receive this chemical guarantee. As you may already know, Antee’s Pools has been in business since 1995. We’ve come along way since our inception, and it’s through our alignment with superior brands such as E-Z Pool that we stay ahead of industry trends.

We are proud to provide this superior level of support to our new clients and existing customers. By shopping with Antee’s Pools, purchasing E-Z Pool & completing regular chemistry checks with our office – you can receive this same Algae-Free Guarantee!

Supplemental Products: Revive & E-Z Spa

There are many other lines of products that APi has created other than E-Z Pool but they all tie into the same program together. Therefore, all of their products support one another and you have access to their entire lineup through Antee’s Pools.

Along with E-Z Pool, we’d also like to identify Revive! & E-Z Spa as an important supplement to this strong brand. We have access to both of these products and will gladly supply them to you or answer any questions you may have over them! But for now, we will just focus on E-Z Pool and create future content over these two items down the road.

Offering UPS Shipments to Your Home

One amazing aspect of E-Z Pool is the fact that it is non-hazardous. What this means for us is that we can ship this product directly to you via UPS. Therefore, if you live a good distance away from Antee’s Pools but are still interested in purchasing E-Z Pool, no problem! We can just box up a bucket (or two) and ship it out via UPS to your home. You’ll receive this product within one or two business days and see for yourself how easy pool ownership can be!

Only Available at Antee’s Pools

Antee’s Pools has the ability to stand behind our products and offer our clients superior services. In addition to our superior service, we are proud to announce that E-Z Pool can only be purchased from Antee’s Pools. This product is not available at Wal-Mart, Leslie’s or any other brick-and-mortar or online swimming pool retailer.

We pinpoint this topic because we want our clients to know that we provide the highest quality products available. All of our products are also field tested prior to introducing them to the industry and our overall client base. We began experimenting with EZ-Pool on our own personal pool several months ago and are very happy with the results. For our personal experience working with this product, please give us a call at our store and speak to Stacey (our store manager)!