It’s been a busy summer at Antee’s Pools! Many of our clients were home for the summer and kids were looking for numerous ways to cool off from this intense Texas heat! From Castaway Cove, to the beach, the lake and their own backyards – people love spending time outside (as long as there is water)! A swimming pool is a great way to capitalize on spending time outdoors with your family, in your own home.

But what happens if you don’t own a swimming pool? This is the moment when you can decide for yourself if owning a swimming pool is right for your home and family. For starters, there are numerous designs & types of swimming pools to choose from. From Above Ground swimming pools, to In-ground Vinyl, Fiberglass and Gunite pools – you have the freedom to choose a pool that fits your design taste and budget! But, how do you decide which one is right for you?

For most of our clients, it comes down to personal preference. Each type of swimming pool offers unique strengths and weaknesses – with a wide array of costs and maintenance for each. At Antee’s Pools , we help to bridge the learning gap and help our clients find the swimming pool that is perfect for your lifestyle!

In fact, we want to provide insight into the ways that we build swimming pools. We’ve created both a Blog Page (to help educate on Service & Retail related items) as well as specific Job Site pages for New Constructed articles. With that said, here we find ourselves at a job site constructing a massive free form swimming pool in this residential backyard – let’s dive in and learn more!

For this project, we decided to use a Doosan Excavator with a 3′ digging bucket. This type of rig is capable of removing 7.5 cubic feet of dirt with each scoop – this equates up to nearly 310 lbs! Now that’s a lot of dirt!

Starting a New Project: Excavating for a Free Form Swimming Pool

As you can see from our images, our crews worked side by side with our excavator to guide his scoops. They also use their shovels to rake the walls and form the detailed areas to create our pool edge. This ensures our highest level of accuracy while excavating. The rule of thumb with any excavation job is only take what you want to remove. Once the earth is moved, it needs to go – it can’t be put back into place. This helps to avoid issues with settling once the pool is built. Therefore, we measure twice and scoop once!

Working with careful precision, we have maximized the size of this swimming pool for this backyard space. Staying within code, we provided a minimum 3′ distance between the house and fence line to the edge of the swimming pool. Other than that, our client wanted to have a huge pool to cool off in – so we brought the big equipment for Excavation!

Defining Our Layout: Client Consultation

As with any new construction project, we assist our clients through a thorough design process. Using the power of Pool Studio, we help our clients create 3D models of their dream swimming pool right in our office. From here we can scale, rotate, transform, move and add any element to our design with a few simple clicks.

This is a great way for us to bring our clients design ideas to life while giving us the flexibility to make real-time changes. This is a also a great opportunity for our client to play with upgrades to see how something would look before we begin.

Side note: often times, many of our clients feel that certain upgrades cost more than they truly do. It’s not until we begin discussing our options with them that they realize we can create practically anything in their backyard!

All that you need to is ask and we can provide you with a strong list of design options and upgrade ideas. This opens up the door for their inspiration and imagination! Design is the fun part of any project and it’s where the imagination and the budget come together to draft up our clients dream backyard!

Framing Our Swimming Pool

Most excavation jobs start out the same way. We first begin by “framing” our swimming pool with plywood, 2″x4″s and spray paint (before breaking ground). This helps us to orient ourselves in the backyard and give our client a real life picture of the size and scale of our swimming pool before any work is done!

For this particular job, we have lots of free form elements that required the use of flexible 1″x4″ boards that are held in place with nails and stakes. Additionally we used larger pieces of plywood to frame our tanning ledge and raised spa. Some of these elements will stay in place for the next few stages of construction, including the installation of our gunite (concrete). It’s not until our concrete is set that we remove these pieces of plywood and wooden beams.

Our Next Stage: Plumbing & Steel

Now that we have completed the framing and excavation for this swimming pool, you can begin to see the internal dimensions of our design taking shape. From here we build up (literally) by installing numerous elements to create our complete swimming pool structure.

We invite you to stay tuned for more developments on this project as well as other job sites! We will do our best to provide a transparent image into our business and help you learn how we construct swimming pools! Our goal is to develop the best backyard living environment for you and your family.

If you’re interested in a swimming pool of your own and would like some information to get started – we invite for you to give us a call!