There is not a lot of common knowledge about how swimming pools are constructed. In fact, that’s one of the primary reasons for us to publish our new website blog. We believe that our clients deserve to have open and easy-to-reference information about building and caring for swimming pools and spas. What’s the reason for this? Well, for starters, we know that caring for your swimming pool can be difficult. Very few of us have chemistry degrees and sometimes trying to alter the pH or Alkalinity of your swimming pool can be downright confusing! 

At the same time, buying a swimming pool can be equally confusing! In terms of the types of swimming pools – there are a handful to choose from. From Above Ground, In-Ground Vinyl, Fiberglass and Gunite – the options can become pretty confusing… and yes they all have different price tags. So how do you even begin to wade through the waters of choosing which pool is right for you? Additionally, how do you determine which swimming pool builder would be the best for you to work with? 

We hope to answer all of those questions for clients by providing transparent information into the operation of our business to build trust in our products and services! In fact, Antee’s Pools is capable of building all of these types of swimming pools (minus fiberglass) and we can help you from start to finish with design materials and equipment selection. We are here to make the buying process a breeze and hope to help you design an outdoor living space that you will love and cherish! 

Defining What a Gunite Pool Is…

This Huge Free Form Pool job is moving quickly now! We just finished excavating this swimming pool and you can see the shape of our design taking shape right before your eyes. Now we are adding internal strength and structure to this pool by installing reinforced-steel (a.k.a. rebar) & PVC plumbing for water filtration. 

If this is your first time seeing the innards of a swimming pool you may be a little confused about what you are looking at. First off, why is there so much PVC pipe sticking vertically up? Why are there gray pebbles on the bottom? Also, why is there plywood along the sides of this swimming pool? 

To answer these questions, we have to start by identifying the type of swimming pool that we are building. As we described above, there are various types of swimming pools that can be purchased (Above Ground, In-Ground Vinyl, Fiberglass or Gunite). This type of swimming pool that we are building is classified as a Gunite pool. 

Gunite is a form of concrete that is applied by a very powerful applicator nozzle into our reinforced steel (rebar) cage. As gunite is shot into our structure, it compresses to create a dense concrete matrix. During the day of application, the gunite crews smooth out the gunite as it begins to harden and densify. At the end of the day, the concrete surface will be hard enough to walk on and we allow it to cure for an industry standard of 30 days to maximize its durability and compressive strength

The Purpose of our Plumbing & Steel

As you might imagine, the purpose of laying reinforced steel is to hold our concrete matrix together. Generally pool builders will lay different sizes of reinforced steel depending upon which portion of the swimming pool they are constructing. Because there are hydrostatic forces and the potential for ground movement all of our swimming pools – we choose to utilize higher grade steel on high stress points within our pool shell.

Additionally, there is a wide variation as to how much steel to put into a swimming pool. Some builders choose to go cheaper in their material investment. Not Antee’s Pools! We invest in each swimming pool as if it were our own. That being said, we maximize the strength of our pool shell by strategically sizing our rebar spacing throughout our pool structure. We use our experience in the industry and understanding of construction materials to custom design the reinforced steel matrix for every pool shell.

Lastly, our PVC plumbing is for water filtration. Typically a swimming pool only requires PVC pipe to be run from the pool equipment to the main drains and a few swimming pool returns (generally located below the tile line and installed horizontally). That type of design is considered a basic plumbing system. However, we install a complete different type of filtration system known as an “in-floor cleaning system.” This type of cleaning system is completely different from what you’ll generally find on the marketplace and is a huge selling point for our business! So what is an “in-floor cleaning” system and how does that benefit you and your swimming pool? 

The Paramount: In-Floor Cleaning System

We are certified Paramount installers of their revolutionary In-Floor Cleaning System. Paramount has been a leading manufacturer of in-floor cleaning systems since 1964. For the past 55 years, this product category has exploded in popularity and affordability. The reason for its exponential growth is because of the simplicity and ease it provides the owner of each swimming pool. 

To explain it simply, by installing a Paramount in-floor cleaning system, your swimming pool cleans itself. You heard us right, your pool cleans itself! That means you can throw away that ugly Polaris cleaner that was always in the way and that nobody ever wanted to take out of the pool. This type of cleaning system isn’t driven by a mobile cleaning unit. Instead it is powered by your pool equipment. 

Using the power of technology, your swimming pool can utilize the combination of a secondary pump, mechanical valves, and pop-up cleaning heads to disperse water towards collection drains along the bottom of your swimming pool

The location of cleaning cleaning heads are spec’d out by the manufacturer to create the optimal water flow and cleaning efficiency. This allows for easy removal of the debris and less time for you to maintain the cleanliness of your swimming pool! All of that is a plus in our book and a huge advantage to buying a gunite swimming pool from Antee’s Pools! 

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We invite you to stay tuned to our swimming pool construction blog! We will be regularly publishing articles so that our clients can see the construction of our swimming pools first hand.

This goes a long way towards establishing comfort for our clients. After all, you are making a large investment in your home when you decide to build a swimming pool. Oftentimes, people save for years to build up enough capital to construct their own outdoor living space. It only makes sense to do your research before taking the dive and selecting the pool builder for your home. 

Of course, if you are ready to get started today – we invite you fill out our contact form so we can reach out to you! We’d love to visit your job site and provide you with a free in-home estimate for your new outdoor living space! You’re life is happening now – don’t want until next year to create something that you could start enjoying today!