At last, it’s the end of the project! Our crews can begin putting away their tools, cleaning up the job site and giving our client their backyard back. Excitement is in the air. Ideas of backyard parties are beginning to pass around. Our client is ready for their outdoor oasis to complete so their outdoor living can begin!

But before we can lock up, we need to complete a few steps, i.e: Plaster & Chemical Startup. The backbreaking work of tying steel, laying pipe, gluing pipe and shooting concrete is over, but the delicate work is just beginning. What we have left is to surface the inside of this Huge Free Form Pool with a delicate and very beautiful white plaster.

For those who are new to the topic of swimming pool construction, plaster is the finishing material that coats the inside of your swimming pool. It’s also the material that lies below the surface of the water. Plaster consists of a chalky texture that needs to stay hydrated. That means it needs to stay moist (hence the underwater aspect) and it has to be installed last – right before we fill up with water.

Paying Attention to Details: Plaster Installation

If you’ve watched a plaster installation before, it’s a lot like frosting a cake. Our applicators shoot the plaster through a nozzle (very similar to gunite) but then have to trowel and smooth out the material all across the surface of our swimming pool. As they smooth the surface, they are constantly wetting it down to add to the work-ability of the plaster. As you might’ve assumed already, plaster needs to stay moist slow the curing process and give our crews more time to work with it.

As they smooth our “the cream” (as we call it), the plaster begins to take on a smooth & firm shape. To prevent our crews from leaving foot imprints in the material, they wear spiked shoots and use sponges and trowels – all while walking and working backwards. Starting in the deep end and working towards the shallow, these applicators apply the white plaster in a methodical manner much like artists on a tapestry.

Alas, once the pool is completely plastered, we immediately begin to fill it up with water. This is where another complicated step comes in. Our teams have to balance the water chemistry to ensure that the water balances properly with the interior surface (plaster) to avoid any adverse chemical reaction.

The LSI Index & Proper Startup Procedures

Now that the plaster has been installed and inspected for smoothness and coverage, we begin the process of Chemical Startup. This phase is another delicate phase that has a specific process that must be methodically followed. The key here is The Langelier Saturation Index and the balance between water and your pool surface (plaster).

Both water and your pool plaster contain elements of calcium. Generally (depending on where you live), Plaster contains higher levels of Calcium than Water. That being said, our startup teams quickly balance out the levels of calcium by testing your tap water and making adjustments as the pool fills up. They key is to ensure that the level of calcium in your water creates a state of balance – identified by the LSI Index.

If our LSI Index indicates that there is a state of balance in our water, it will not attack our pool surface. This creates a smooth curing process and a plaster that is tough and durable for years to come. Should this process not be followed, there are a wide range of issues that can spread – simply because the water chemistry was not balanced at the startup. Our teams work actively to create this chemical balance so that our clients have a swimming pool that is beautiful for years to come!

Fill Up & Our Stunning Night Images!

Now that our swimming pool is properly filled up and chemically balanced, it’s time to allow our plaster to cure. The *cure time of plaster can range based on the plaster selection you’ve made for your swimming pool. *Don’t worry – we educate all of our clients about the correct cure time for your specific pool plaster.

Once properly cured, our swimming pool construction is complete and our client is ready for the Outdoor Living to begin! In fact, we’ve capture some amazing photos that showcase this Huge Free Form swimming pool at night!

As you can see from our images, this swimming pool is packed full with some amazing features, including:

  • Fire Pit (on the pool deck)
  • LED Step Light (on tanning ledge)
  • Raised Spa with Ledger Stone Rock Wall
  • Raised Grotto with Sheer Descent
  • Color Changing LED Lights
  • Huge Deep End
  • Free Form Pool Shape

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