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We offer a complete list of Pool Maintenance & Repair Services that are the best around! Our superior customer service ensures that we keep your pool clean & ready for your swimming enjoyment!


Keeping It Swim Ready!

There come’s a time in every pool’s life where the time & patience required to maintain it wears thin. We take the headache out of keeping your pool clean. Our service teams ensure your pool is always ready for the time that you want to jump in!


Gettin’ It Back Up & Running

Don’t let your broken pool equipment be a downer. Time is short and the summer will be over before you know it. Let us fix what’s broken so we can get you back into your backyard to enjoy the rest of the summer.


Pool’s Built – Time To Jump In!

You’ve checked building a new swimming pool off of your Bucket List. Now it’s time to ensure the chemicals are properly balanced before you jump in. We follow a strict checklist to ensure your pool is started properly the first time.

Time Until School's Out - Summer 2019!








Overview of services

Our Premium Services


"By The Book" Pool Maintenance

We believe wholeheartedly in sticking to what works. Although things change over time and technology becomes more advanced, the basics of swimming pool care remains the same. We do not compromise quality service for speed.


On Time Services & Quick Turn Around

We make commitments to our customers and stick to them. We know that your time is important and you have parties and events to plan. Our focus is to coordinate with your schedule to service your pool in time for important events!


Open & Honest Dialogue

We believe in the importance of open and honest communication. Education is a core component of our company ethos. You’ll receive important information about pool care and learn the ways we make it happen!

On Site Services

We hit the road so you don’t have to. Our team of service technicians visit your home and provide you with a free estimate on repairs & services. Our objective is to service your home without slowing you down.

Open Availability

We work diligently to coordinate are various service routes. This means we constantly optimize our routes to fit your home into our busy schedule. You as our customer are always the center of our attention.


Free Water Testing

Cleaning your pool means knowing your pool chemistry. We use state-of-the-art water testing equipment at our retail store. You can always feel free to stop by for a free water testing sample and information on pool care by our staff.

Join In

What are you waiting for?

Summer 2018 is right around the corner. That means your pool needs to be cleaned and maintained in order to enjoy it most. Don’t let a dirty or malfunctioning pool keep you from spending quality time outdoors. Call Antee’s Pools and we’ll handle all of the pool care for you!

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